What is social media marketing? Can the business stay away from it and still make a profitable business and grow exponentially?  Neil Patel defines Social Media Marketing as the process of creating content that is tailored to the target audience’s social media platform in order to drive the user in engagement and sharing.

Businesses use social media marketing to innovate a brand that are discovered, shared and experienced.  One of the essential reason is because it helps to create awareness about the brand, generate leads and turn it into sales.  Sales is the lifeline of any businesses especially in unprecedented times like now.  The number of worldwide social network users is expected to reach 3.09 billion monthly active users by 2021, and global internet users spend some 136 minutes per day surfing social networks.

Social Media MarketingThree questions to use social media marketing to generate lead and create engaging experience:

  1. Set the business goal – What is the goal of the campaign? Is the campaign goal to generate certain number of likes, invites to attend an event, or to convert it into a sale?  Often, the businesses create awareness of a brand when they educate the audiences as an expert in the area of specialization thus claim their credibility.
  2. Know your audience – What platform does it need to use to engage according to the demographic of the audience? These are essential factors to consider igniting the interest and to create an interactive experience.  As per HBR article, different social platforms appeal to different demographics. It is essential to do the research to find out where your target audience hangs out online. For example, younger audiences may be more effectively reached on newer platforms, like TikTok or Snapchat.  Businesses, with their emphasis on aesthetics, may want to develop on a more visual strategy, focused on Instagram. The same logic applies to geography — WhatsApp is popular in Asia & Europe, whereas to reach people in China, WeChat or Weibo are some of the good platforms to focus in.
  3. Content strategy – One survey revealed that 46% of consumers reported they follow brands because of the inspirational content. When a business understands what types of content — for example, articles, video, pictures — will drive engagement with your audience, lead generation will grow exponentially. Great content strategies create conversation and engaging experience amongst other users.